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Posted on: 11/30/17


can provide replacements for your old skylights with new energy efficient glass tops for far less than replacing the whole skylight. If your original skylight was made by Venterama or Roto, we have the replacements and parts you need, including Roto flashing kits. We are building the best skylight in the region, using the most energy efficient, durable, maintenance free materials available. A correctly made and installed skylight can decrease the cost of lighting and heating your home. At Skylight Specialist our manufacturing staff has more than 30 years experience in creating superior skylights and we take pride in each skylight we make. Our Service Team has gained an excellent reputation for workmanship, professionalism and courtesy and they assure that all repairs, skylight replacements and new skylight installations are completed to the highest standards. We are currently serving customers throughout the US. We offer a wide variety of skylight sizes and models to meet the needs of homeowners and contractors. We can also produce custom sizes to meet specialized needs. Call 631 924-8677 Visit us at:

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