STAY AT HOME MOM loving couple longs to adopt / adoption / adoptar - (Harrisburg)

Posted on: 12/13/17


Hang in there...can't even begin to imagine all that you have going on. Please know that we're praying for you and ur family. We are here to support you and be there for you along the way... We are from Pennsylvania and hoping to adopt. Stay at home mom, practicing Christians (Catholics) are hoping to continue building our family through adoption. We are completely interested in being a part of an open adoption and will support any level of contact that a birth mom and/or dad desires. Open to medical and would be honored to welcome a child of any ethnic composition into our family. Baby on the way or kiddos already here, we don't care...just want to parent again! We love animals...adore dogs! We hold an approved homestudy, current clearances, and lawyers are ready to help. Praying for you in your journey, please also pray for us in ours...hugs! Please share/like/follow We would love to connect...feel free to call / text: 724-672-3619 Hola. Nosotros somos Tony y Janet. Anhelamos profundamente ser padres por medio de la adopción. Nuestra familia está completamente interesada en una adopción abierta, apoyando cualquier nivel de contacto que la familia biológica desee tener con el niño(a) y celebrar su herencia étnica.Nuestra familia es de principios católicos. Janet es ama de casa, le gusta organizar citas de juegos para niños, ir a parques de diversiones, asistir a clases para madres e hijos y participa de eventos del grupo Mother's of Preschoolers (MOPS). Nuestro estudio del hogar y las aprobaciones necesarias para la adopción están al día. Nuestros abogados están dispuestos en todo momento para ayudarle. Estamos rezando por usted. Que Dios le bendiga.

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